Comment: This clown is baiting individuals with guns

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This clown is baiting individuals with guns

real smart. As far as pigeons, they are a scourge to health and property which needs some type of population control imposed upon. I work for the state DOT and can tell you the damage I've seen from their droppings upon bridges is phenomenal, especially when it is compounded by anti icing elements. Not to mention the immediate and profound implications to health when those droppings are disturbed. These animals are nothing more than rat's with wings and should be treated in the same manner. After viewing the video I wished someone would have walked out of the woods and bitch slapped this loud mouthed eavesdropping punk who places his agenda ahead of anyone else's Constitutional rights. That would truly make a video that would go viral. As far as incendiary shot's check this out...

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.