Comment: "legally?"

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Everything legal is about an intent to profit for a love of money. Don't take my word for it. Get a copy of a "legal" dictionary. They ought to be called business dictionaries.

For instance do you know the word "use" legally means to employ or hire something? It is probably a word you "use" everyday. Employing or hiring something is doing business with an intent to profit. I don't care what word you want to pick. Transporting means transporting persons or property for hire.

The entire legal language is structured around business use. People have been talking about the "use" of citizen titles for quite a while but few listen or appear to grasp it. How do you intend to prevail at anything "legal" with arguments "using" their business language?

There is no way to not pay taxes legally. The legal system is crafted to a precision with only one object in mind which is to deceive you into believing statutes or codes apply to you without evidence. It is the domain of the great deceiver and his mark which governs those who lust for power because they love money.

If you think you do not love money ... prove it by living without.

The only question applicable to tax paying government enablers is would you enable a drug addict? Why then are you a hypocrite and what facts derived from first hand knowledge of something seen or heard do you rely upon to determine any statute or code applies to you or your body?