Comment: I knew very little about this

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I knew very little about this

I knew very little about this man, in fact first time seeing him was when he spoke at the prayer breakfast. I like what he said there.i saw a few other interviews and still liked him. When I would think about it I came back to the way I though of Obama when he ran in 2008. Really good speaker, saying a lot of things I wanted to hear but what is his record? What will his actions really be? I never could answer that about Obama. So now when I don't know anything about someone who is running for pres, but are good speakers, I wait an listen and learn....I think this guy just lost me. i knwo I won't find someone that I agree on everything with, but these happento be big things.
1)I don't like his answeron semi-auto maitc weapons. It didn't really even make much sense - a cray gu can own a semi-automatic int he country but not the city? The guy in the country can just travel to the city and do what he wants with it if he is crazy enugh. no sense here and once again limiting out right to the 2nd ammendment.
2)If Im dying -I don't have the right to try test trials to save my wn life?
So I learned something from Glen Beck afer all - this guy is a good speaker but Im sensing he will not be the man for me.