Comment: well Dr Ben Carson was on my radar

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well Dr Ben Carson was on my radar

but after hearing him compromise on the second amendment plus all this God this God that talk, I have found he no longer represents me.

Nothing against people who believe in God. But Dr Carson is giving me the impression that he not only is going to place his Christianity on his shoulders but will run his office placing religion first, in front of other issues like civil liberties. Just a hunch. Nothing against people who carry their religion on their shoulders, but a president or anyone in gov that does so is not appealing to me and will not be appealing to many others.

Was just a matter of time before he started losing points I guess. I like him a on many issues like healthcare. But he is dangerous in a way. Especially to the 2nd amendment. This is not a time for us to be supporting someone who looks like they may compromise on the 2nd amendment.