Comment: At least, he is against gun control laws, however...

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At least, he is against gun control laws, however...

... oh so precious... I "love" to see how these POLITICO-TARDS reason:

"In recent weeks, Katz has been a strong voice in opposition to the NY SAFE gun control law, and has introduced legislation to repeal it. During the January debate on the bill pushed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Katz said the new law would "turn me into a criminal" because of his refusal to leave his wife and young daughters home alone with insufficient firepower: The new law limits individual magazines to seven rounds, down from 10." [1]


Oh, so, we can see how that works, now, folks.

Gun control is bad... if only for Mr. Katz HIMSELF and HIS little habits in HIS little comfy cozy life and HIS family ... but, hey ! never mind the People or what's written in the Bill of Rights in the first place, right?



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