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Comment: The prosecutor is the actual victim that wants to press charges

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The prosecutor is the actual victim that wants to press charges

By the way, I've been posting posts on this for years, but I was reading Oliver Twist the other day, and noticed a chapter where the prosecutor was named as being the actual victim - i.e. the old gentleman that Oliver Twist was wrongly thought to have stolen from when the Artful Dodger and his accomplice took Oliver out his first time.

The prosecutor in the book is the actual victim, not some government dictatorship appointed one in a kangaroo court.

In the book, this same gentleman has the charges dropped, and becomes Oliver Twist's benefactor - (if you haven't read the book for awhile).

Oliver Twist was published in 1838. It's in England, but knowing who the actual prosecutor is is common to both our systems. Destroying the idea of who is actually the prosecutor didn't start occurring until about 120 years ago, about the same time that the legal monopoly and having to be a member of the bar started taking effect, something else that needs to go.

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