Comment: Why I support Rand

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Why I support Rand

-He returned 600,000 of his operating budget.
-He speaks out against interventionism, even during last year's RNC.
-He offers a clear distinction between himself and the other candidates.
-He stood on his feet for 13 hours to question whether presidential powers have limits. No other politician has done that in my lifetime.
-He openly recognized that the party must embrace liberty in the private and economic sphere and offered common sense solutions to restore the GOP.
-He is a great speaker who can connect his ideas with the crowd (which doesn't matter as much, but I think that was one area where Ron stumbled from time to time).
-He is our ticket inside the tent. Did you notice that recently libertarians are mentioned as being a legitimate part of the party?

Rand is not perfect, but I really appreciate a lot of what he is doing. He gives a voice to many in the liberty movement and is clearly trying to inject the message into the mainstream. You may disagree and I respect that, but I think Rand is the way to go.