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oh that is so old and been debunked

When her thousands of emails as Governor were released, the liberal media thought they would have a field day.

BUT...turned out she was an excellent Governor, very conservative and very professional.

Way too many people here watch SNL.

During the last few weeks of the campaign she distanced herself from McCain and his handlers who threw her under the bus. We must remember Rand said he would be proud to be Romney's VP. I remember people right here on the DP rooting for Romney to pick Rand. If McCain never picked Palin. she would have come and gone without notice, it was a smart choice for her, and for awhile before idiotic McCain suspended his campaign to go and vote FOR TARP he was leading because of her.

Let's see, Joe Miller, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz are all great people she backed, she was the only high profile Republican to Stand with Ron Paul supporters at the 2012 GOP National Convention and said the rule changes were wrong and just a way for the establishment to stay in power.

Other than Ron Paul she was the only other high profile Republican who refused to back Romney the whole election, said he was worst possible choice. On midnight of election day on her Facebook, she said Romney was barely better than Obama and was a better choice.

She is very much anti-establishment