Comment: I think calling it "gun control" is bad

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I think calling it "gun control" is bad

It seems we do this in America.. we allow for lies by perpetuating the lies, from example.. most everyone says "marijuana". What is marijuana? Marijuana is slang. We expect this slang word to WORK for us in courts.. we don't go to the courts and refuse to accept this word, rather than use a scientific word that gives us the ability to fight in courts.. we all live this lie that marijuana is cannabis. And when I ask, why not use the word cannabis I get the answer, "It's English not American". Can you believe this? I can't believe that as smart as so many ar, as brave and active, they don't boycott the word marijuana.

Wouldn't it be interesting to hear someone say the word marijuana and ask them what they are talking about? You might get a clear idea what they actually think when they search their vocabilary?

And now we have the term "gun control" being abused. If course there is gun control and regulation. Arms is a HUGE business (think MIC). The USA could easily be called "Guns R US". Guns and ammo are controlled on many levels from manufactoring to insurance. So this issue of gun control isn't an issue, but a misnomer that people are accepting, like the magic slang word, "marijuana".. that let's the government establish "wars", war on drugs" in the name of things that don't exist.

The drug companies are still working to force people on psychotropic medications, now they want to come after people who have taken psychotropic medication.. that is where they are going.. if you took or are taking a psychotropic medication they want your guns.

Rand's fillibuster was great because he called out the Obama administration about "killing Americans on Ameican soil with drones". And it may not be the Obama administration that targets Americans with drones (who can target a house before you know the drone is there, and just by Katrina and Sandy, you know they don't care about unfrastructor or collateral damage.. take out the whole wedding party).. So this idea that having a gun is going to protect you from the government that's got you in the scope by a mile...

And how about that shocking news by Ben Carson? (Seems to me he's appealing to the LF crowd).