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Interventionism------is he

Interventionism------is he doing anything besides talking to stop it?
Budget-----------is he doing anything besides talking to cut our spending and balance the budget?
Limiting of powers------after the government sorta kinda said they wont, maybe kill us with drones, what did he do besides talking to follow up about it?
The Party------besides talking to get the GOP to recognize the liberty faction of the repulicant party, what is he doing to actually expose the corruption and get rid of the RINOS?
The tent------besides talking to us about liberty, and then backing rmoney, what is he doing to actually prove that he is to be trusted?

He is only doing what is necessary to repair the damage from last year and coax the sheep back in.

He must set himself apart in order to be trusted.

You are right, he is a great speaker....

Remember who else was elected because they were a great speaker???? Obama.....