Comment: Thanks, but no thanks. I had DOUBLE DOSE already.

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Thanks, but no thanks. I had DOUBLE DOSE already.

Dear OP :

I mean no offense, I'm just being very frank...

I had my DOUBLE DOSE already arguing with GROSS STATISTS and/or USEFUL IDIOTS who are STILL pushing for more big government.

I have done it on TWO CONTINENTS already, ever since the early '90s. I am close TO GAGGING IMMEDIATELY on sight by now, when faced with BRAINDEADS who can't read and use THEIR eyes, THEIR ears, and THINK BY AND FOR themselves.

And that'd be FOR A FREAKING CHANGE, DAMN IT. Because besides parroting about the pseudo-"good" of what's been debunked more than 150 years ago already (see link below)... they ARE INCAPABLE of doing anything else.

Or they don't try, anyway.

Oh, yes, something they can do: find always new ways to justify STEALING YOUR MONEY - at gun point, otherwise, that's not fun - FOR THEIR PLANS.

But, never mind if you like them or not. Never mind they don't provide any evidence they make sense, either.

So... sorry...

I AM REAAAAAALLY FED UP with trying to "save" those. So, IT IS OVER, AFAIC.

They can go to HELL or to FEMA camps, for what I care. I won't shed A SINGLE TEAR about THEIR misfortune.

Time is running out. I'm willing to spend time with those who are undecided or the indifferent. That's all.

As for the convicted statists, socialists: the TIME IS OVER.

Seriously, who STILL wants to wake up these RETARDS AND/OR FUTURE CRIMINALS IN OFFICES :


Uncompassionate? Nope. Jesus taught us to use our time and energy wisely with some people:

Mark 4:3-9.

But, if YOU still care about those, well, you can always drop them a line about Frederic Bastiat.

Do you think they have enough of a brain left functioning to type the URL in ? Hopefully, that's short enough:

'Hope this helps,

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius