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is the key to all of your questions. I agree with the question of "will Rand Paul over the next three years prove himself"? A very valid question and one I am looking forward to seeing unfold.

Also, like I said, he returned 600,000 of his operating budget which is far more effort than any current politician is willing to give to balance the budget. Rand is definitely taking a different approach than Ron in terms of constantly talking about corruption. Also, with the drone question.. how was he supposed to follow up on it when he gave the filibuster a little over a week ago? Also, how are you supposed to get rid of the RINOs in an instant? You can't, you can only try to convince enough people to become the majority of the party. The RINOs will probably never go away.

Also, just because he is a great speaker, doesn't mean he is like Obama. That is a pretty far stretch if you ask me. Like I said, if you don't trust Rand, I understand that thought process. I am just saying I like Rand and gave reasons as to why I support him so far.