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wistfulthinker; the only

wistfulthinker; the only truth which was found within your comment was this:

Tesla was a genius. He invented 3-phase power and our modern electrical grid works on it.

Other than these two pieces of information; your entire comment is false.

You state:

I hear nothing about Maxwell, who incorporated all of the phenomena Tesla was working on and defined those phenomena by a few simple, albiet inassessible to folks who don't want to get down and dirty with math, differential equations that anyone who actually studies knows.

There is a problem with this, and that is that Maxwell developed his Mathematical Electrodynamics from the work of Faraday and not from Tesla. Tesla was just starting his career when Maxwell died. Hell, Tesla didn't really start until he came to the US in 1882 meanwhile Maxwell died before 1880 -I say it that way because I've seen books which state as early as 1876 as the year Maxwell died and others -like wikipedia- say 1879. Also, the few simple equations which you attribute to Maxwell didn't appear until 21-24 years after Maxwell died. If you want to talk about Maxwell, why don't you say something that is accurate? Oh, I forgot; you only know what your institution indoctrinated you to believe.

Maxwell's original work involved 20 equations with 20 unknown variables, using quaternions instead of vectors. You probably don't even know what a quaternion is; do you? You wouldn't even know why Maxwell -an individual who spoke out against quaternions- would use them in his "A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field," would you?

Tesla was and is continually undermined -whether you choose to believe it or not. Go to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC. You will find a section devoted to Electricity. You will even find a bust of Thomas Edison right next to Tesla's first polyphase induction motor -however Tesla's name is nowhere to be found; I wonder what the general population think when they see that next to a bust of Edison?

When I received my EE degree in 95, we didn't really hear much of Tesla with the exception of in reference to the unit of Induction. My friends younger brother is now going through college for his degree for electrical engineering, and he has one year left and also hasn't heard any of his professors say one thing about Tesla other than in reference to the unit of induction.

So I'm sorry, that in the process of getting your EE degree you were brainwashed, and you found the subject of electricity so uninteresting that you didn't want to look into where and how the entire field and study came into existence outside of what your indoctrinators instructed you was the truth; that is what Schooling usually does to people.

What I do know is that you are so well trained that you will not look into the history of electricity. This is what indoctrination does to people; and we know you are so very well indoctrinated, so much so, that you included false statements in your comment. Either, you intentionally included the false statements or you don't even know that they were false statements; either way, you have no interest in learning anything which might run counter to what you've been indoctrinated to believe.

How so very sad.