Comment: The search for credible threats has become so desperate

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The search for credible threats has become so desperate

that leaders are forced to turn to Hollywood for answers...

Yes, time for a remake of Red Dawn except this time it's Al Queda that takes over America!

Yeah! WAIT we "defeated" Al Queda so now it has to be the Taliban! Yes! The taliban one day boarded their troop transport aircraft and had their aircraft carriers positioned off the coast wait....The Talbiban taught their camels to swim in vast herds with life preservers and they very SLOWLY AND STEALTHILY....

Oh forget this, we need something really gritty let's see here, somebody bring a map....hey....of course....the only nation really on the table is Ch***. Are we allowed to say that? Make a call. OK no, nobody say Ch*** we seriously don't wanna piss those guys off so who else?

North Korea. Who else has masses of half starved troops sitting around land locked with noplace to go and nothing better to do? Look it's not perfect but it's gonna have to work. When all ya got is lemons you make lemonade. It's at least more believable than whoever came up with Russoraqorea. Get that person in here and fire them.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.