Comment: You can "marry" whomever you want. Legal marriage = commerce.

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You can "marry" whomever you want. Legal marriage = commerce.

And yet many married folks are elitist snobs about being "members of the club". As if it is some sorta competition or something.

Some friends of mine, who have been with their legal spouses for shorter periods of time than my common law woman and I have been together, seem to somehow not take us seriously. Lol! As if we're less in love / not committed because we've not tied the knot, legal-like. (These are the same clowns who forget their anniversaries from time to time! I shouldn't make fun, however; our anniversary is easy: we met and hit the ground running on the 4th of July....)

I used to brush it off, but now I get in their respective grills... asking them why they felt they had to prove anything to anybody, reminding them of their detrimental change in tax status, telling them that simple estate planning / living wills can accomplish the same things insofar as asset possession lineage after death, etc. (Just to F--- wid 'em, because people who sneer deserve their cages rattled!)

Legal marriage = commerce / issue of law. Well, draw up a legal contract with your lover, and badah bing! No prob! To hell with what others think.

As legal "singles", my lady and I can each get tax credits for separate homestead properties, whereas if we were legally married we'd only get one. WTF? Legal marriage is a scam driven by societal pressures to conform and misinterpretations of religion(s).

Sorta related is the situation with kids and taxes. I pay more in taxes for my friends' kids to go to school than they do, since they get credits for popping out rug rats, and we do not have chilluns.... Ha! The system is indeed rigged to incentivize people to produce more little future taxpayers... never mind the publicly-funded welfare mom situation. (How wacky our country has become!)

What would the Founders do?