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You know, I voted you up because you are right...

but I hate a gloater. I hate an, "I told you so", person. We are all here trying to figure this thing out about who to support and there will be mistakes.

You didn't, specifically, say carson was a 2nd amendment picker and chooser now, did you? He was saying all the right things at the time and seems to understand the American way of life and I applaud him his success.

After further vetting I just don't believe, now, that he is the person to lead us.

You should win gracefully and lose, gracefully. I hate someone who says, "I told you so".

It is so condescending and if you grew up fighting that "have vs. have-not's" mentality (especially, if you were one of the "have-nots") you might understand what I'm saying.

Consider yourself lucky here. I rarely support anything you have to say as you are a pompous ass, as usual.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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