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this is old news.

Who cares what he calls himself. Look at his voting record and actions. Then make up your own mind. His voting record is good minus maybe a couple votes. It's not like we all don't know what people say and do are two different things. After the last 2 pres elections, this should be very clear to us. Its better to have someone say something trivial or unimportant but then actually do something that is good. As opposed to someone who says something that could be huge and impacting, then do nothing or the exact opposite (obama, bush, clinton etc). Can you forgive or look past Iranians sanction votes or not is where most draw their lines. Rand is also just a human. Humans make mistakes. If after Rand apologizes and works to remove sanctions on Iran he will have my vote. My suspicion, if he does do this it won't be until after he gets the nomination and locks himself in as the rep candidate. Gotta play to win....i guess.

Libertarian is such a weighted word any more.