Comment: Less than 14 feet 7 inches

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Less than 14 feet 7 inches

After a careful study of calculations based on distance(D), wind velocity(WV) and an average consistency of orally launched projectile(ACL), I have determined the level of the Reince Priebus Trust Ratio(RPTR).

Average wind speed during test: 1.5 knots(1.726 mph)
Unit of measurement used for test: Feet + Inches
Consistency in projectile launch: +/- 1ft
Projectile launched throughout test: Spittle

Calculations show:

(RPTR)<(D)- μ(WV)+/-(ACL)

Therefore in my case, the Reince Priebus Trust Ratio falls far short of my overall projected spittle distance.

[Disclaimer: These tests are in their preliminary stages and are yet to be peer reviewed]