Comment: I thought you wanted to opt out and become sovereign rulers?

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I thought you wanted to opt out and become sovereign rulers?

Oh really? Anarchists are citizens now? I thought you Voluntarists wanted to "opt out" and become sovereign rulers "His American Majesty"?

What's wrong? Is nobody willing to fight for your Anarchist utopia? There's a VERY good reason you can't gather on the green and fight, and it has to do with why you need to pass yourself off as a citizen, because you know you don't have the right or authority to do it.

You failed to win the debate, and you failed because Anarchists are transparent frauds who'll put on any costume necessary to try and destroy what they hate, a Constitutional Republic; even the costume of "a citizen".

How many times have I had to listen to Anarchists talking about how it only takes a small minority to overthrow a government, and how it was a small minority who won the war for independence? It wasn't a small minority... American leadership repeatedly petitioned their king for a redress of their grievances and all they were offered was more injustice.

They won the public debate and could ride through the streets screaming about tyrants heading this way for a reason. They could gather on the green for a reason.

Gather on the green Anarchist, and we'll see who's screaming what.