Comment: Goofy Atheism posing as logical 'deduction' LOL!

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Goofy Atheism posing as logical 'deduction' LOL!

Where did those 1st single celled organisms get their internal super computers(DNA strands found in every cell of every living organism)?

The bible claims that men are living in a fallen state, Atheists claim we are risen.

Atheists also USED to claim that the archaeology would verify their straight line monkey-------man evolutionary hypothesis...oops again! LOL Now they show a tree with hominid dead ends and NO missing link between monkeys and modern humanity.

100 years ago another deducer said that 'pilt-down' man was fossil evidence of evolution, for over 40 years the 'scientific' community accepted pilt-down man as 'settled' 'science'. Not until 40 years later was this hoax exposed.

Ever since then, 'naturalist' after 'naturalist' has proclaimed to have found fossil evidence of our evolutionary past, with the greatest 'naturalist' of them all, well after Darwin of course, Louis Leakey actually claimed to have found two pre-human species.

But within just ONE year of each of these events other jealous 'naturalists' have destroyed each and every one of these claims.

With 'naturalists' having such a pitiful record, it is easy to see why the 'deducer' has been so easily confused. HAHA