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Yes ... and No ...

... when we talk about "bankers" we could be talking about two different sets of people.

The word "banker" to most people means your average bank teller or loan officer or bank president down the street. These are not the people who make the big decisions. They are part of a system that they do not fully understand. They are running a business that, to them, is no different from running any other kind of business.

But the "evil bankers" are the ones who make the real decisions. These guys are running the Federal Reserve and the banks and investment banks that are closely tied to that entity -- specifically, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Mellon Bank, Goldman Sachs, and a few others. The executives and directors of these entities are the ones making the big decisions to get the government to make them rich.

In addition, there are the behind-the-scenes people who are not specifically in the banking business (David Rockefeller is or was CEO/Chairman of Chase Manhattan, but he is getting too old to do much these days, Henry Kissinger is part of the cabal, as is Maurice Strong and others). These guys are not necessarily "bankers" but they are part of the "evil bankers" who make the big decisions.

They do it both directly by bribing and threatening politicians, as well as indirectly by pushing agendas through entities like the Council on Foreign Relations, and more generally by running the "network" where people get brought into the system who are corrupt or can become corrupt and who genuinely believe they are doing something good (such as Herman Cain, Condolezza Rice, Tom Brokaw, etc.).

It is all these behind-the-scenes people, in conjunction with the "evil bankers" (but not necessarily the "bankers") who make these decisions that are ultimately designed to give them power and riches.

But ...

NONE of their evil ideas could be implemented without the evil politicians actually putting forth the laws to abuse the rights of the people (and, of course, the people themselves are complicit to the extent they do not educate themselves about it in a world that is structured to keep them from becoming educated).

Imagine the evil bankers going to the legislature for a bailout where all the legislators are Ron Paul clones. How far would they get?

Nowhere is how far they would get. The evil bankers and their cronies know this, which is why they have their network in place to promote corrupt/corruptible politicians in the first place.

The evil bankers push the politicians to do it, but it is the evil politicians who actually DO it.