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Comment: I think it's time to eliminate the chat.

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I think it's time to eliminate the chat.

It's useless. Then we have these people hanging out in there who care nothing about liberty, the constitution etc... they are just basically in there for fun.

If you're going to keep the chat... then we might as well have some games on here like "pot farm" or one of those other stupid facebook things to keep the sheeple busy...

This IMO is a WORKING site... the majority are here because we are working our arses off to save this country and the constitution before it's too late. The chat... due to these basically teenagers in adult bodies... has been reduced to not much more than a romper room.

I go into the chat to pose problems and discuss solutions. The chat is no longer useful for that purpose. I can't think of any other productive purpose it would serve... and we are concerned with productivity around here right?

I think it seriously takes away from the credibility of this site. I'll probably miss it but it will make me more productive to see it go. If our goal is Liberty - then we should get rid of the chat so people can focus on that instead of immature banter which is only dumbing people down anyway...

If we're not learning - we're LOSING.