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According to FBI statistics,

According to FBI statistics, a group that is about 6.5% of total population (black males, 85% of violent crime is males) commits about 1/3 of violent crime (FBIs definition). 84% of those live in urban areas. That amounts to about 16 million people.

40% of that crime is committed in the top 15 cities for violent crime, your typical liberal dens--Detroit, New Orleans, Memphis, Baltimore, Chicago, Washington DC, etc. This is based on arrest records, of which half of the cases result in an arrest. 67% of those have been arrested, were arrested before.

The rest of the country, the other 93.5%, or about 295 million people, commit about 2/3 of the violent crime.

That puts them on average, right in line with the countries of Western Europe as far as their rate.

And that has been dropping quite dramatically, while the previous has been rising.

If anyone deserves to lose their right to guns, it is the urban black male population.