Comment: More debates are the answer, not the problem

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More debates are the answer, not the problem

It truly saddens me that the Republican National Committee feels more centralized power is the best way to reenergize the Republican Party. The GOP is commonly identified in the House of Representatives as the party with deep local ties that vote according to their communities and NOT what the GOP leadership says is best, at least more so than the Democrats. This is an asset! Priebus is not harnessing the potential of this asset in this new strategy.

Last I checked, YouTube is free. The GOP should encourage more debates on YouTube and encourage this at all levels of government. Priebus is right on assessing the technology deficiency; however, his conclusion to use technology to force through more candidates from the Karl Rove Rolodex will backfire, eventually. Unfortunately, some good liberty candidates will get squashed by the big money machine in the beginning before the country wakes up.

We MUST get involved at the local level to use the Republican centralized machine against itself when it starts disenfranchising voters of hearing the truth. I'm signing up to volunteer this week at my local GOP. These are relatively small organizations that can be changed for the better with a few hours a month.