Comment: Where's the outrage on the PAYROLL TAX?

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Where's the outrage on the PAYROLL TAX?

Congress removed the waiver on the "payroll tax" in the FISCAL CLIFF deal on 12-31-12, but why did we have this on our wages in the first place, when we were being charged both FEDERAL & STATE TAXES??

This was alarming to find out! My husband has noticed that $400/month more is being stolen from us out of his paycheck! Can you believe that? $400!!

So, I'm saying that it seems to me that AMERICANS are all wimps, and the EVIL ELITES know this, because---someone please tell me---why haven't Americans revolted against this outrageous payroll tax?

If they won't revolt over that, then, why would they revolt over a 10% hairclip in the 401k's or IRA's or cash accounts?