Comment: "There's a VERY good reason

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"There's a VERY good reason

"There's a VERY good reason you can't gather on the green and fight, and it has to do with why you need to pass yourself off as a citizen, because you know you don't have the right or authority to do it."

'I thought you Voluntarists wanted to "opt out"'

Those are called an opinions lacking any facts that can be relied upon to form it derived from first hand knowledge of something seen or heard. There are terms for it ... irrational, crazy, etc.

In simpleton layman terms ... provide evidence of first hand knowledge of something seen or heard anyone needs to "opt out" of anything, what one needs to opt out from, and what is the source of authority to require one to opt-out?

"Gather on the green Anarchist, and we'll see who's screaming what."

Is that a threat traitor?