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Ok Lysiandad...

I finally read it. This is a great interview. I checked out his site and I also read and enjoyed this one I am going to read some more of his articles.

As far as this particular article is concerned....

I think this is one of the most important points of the article,
"All decisions of the German government can be assumed to be subject to American veto, as long as American troops are stationed in that country." So... if America has a base in your country... good luck trying to repatriate your gold.

"Better still, Algeria could derive an additional benefit from such a retaliation if it occurred. It could set up the 21 st
century’s first clearing system for gold devices (a.k.a. real bills maturing in gold coin in 91 days or less). These gold devices are far superior to dollar credits, and the world will treat them as such." This is an interesting suggestion, of course they are superior to the dollar it is actually gold backed.

There really is just so much to touch on here. Like the idea that Algeria has the potential to have the only solvent banks in the world if the open the mint to the free coinage of gold. I really do not understand what they are waiting for, it is a war they could win.

Speaking of wars... "The idea that countries should be free to choose which currencies to accept and which ones to refuse in exchange for real goods and real services is too dangerous and too contageous for the comfort of the American money doctors." While I think there are a lot of reasons for Police Action in Iraq (all of them ridiculous), Ferkete's hypothesis is probably pretty accurate also, I mean at the end of the day it usually all comes down to money.

And then finally.... permanent backwardation....well...this is all a science isn't it? It is precise and has rules of law just like physics, and we are heading toward permanent backwardation. What is Algeria waiting for?

GREAT find!