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Well, I am off topic here, but I saw this and thought of you because you said these words:

"Here is where a background in electric POWER and hydraulic POWER circuits help, which you do not have in your brain, in your experience, in your soul.

I do."

I thought you might be intersted in case it is something new and something you haven't heard of yet. I didn't listen to it. (I am still listening to Quigley's Tragedy and Hope. It is fascinating to me. )
"Joseph Newman, Hours 2&3 Richard Grove, Tarrin Lupo, discuss Newman’s potential with Ernest Hancock

Hour 1: Joseph Newman, a gifted observer of reality creates a new perspective on electricity, but why is it not yet available after 30 years of proof?"

Anyway there is the link and the topic if it interests you. I plan to work on my other reply now.