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Comment: Not a user personally,

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Not a user personally,

Not a user personally, doesnt work on my setup anyway, as one member, i wouldnt miss it, considering, its not that difficult to use another service outside the dp, post the details here,and start chatting with liberty minded folks, i dont think it would be a major loss,.......if you were the last bastion on the internet that uses chat, that would be another matter, but still your choice at the end of the day, id never, and i dont think anyone here wants to tell you how to spend your money, the fact your considerate enough to ask, speaks wonders to my eyes, so whatever you do, not to speak for anyone else, this one person over here is fine with it, totally your call

The only times i'd see me remotely interested in it, is if something big is happening, since those are few and far between.......even then its not at the forefront, im likely to forget then not, but it can be pretty good tool in those times, when used right

Depending on whether folks here really want it to stay or not, my say is pull it for now, if it helps you on the finances, and leave it for another day on whether to implement it back or not or the next big thing that comes along, assuming its viable and totally cheap, if not free

My 2 pennies