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I appreciate your response...

But I, respectfully, disagree.

Who is going to stand up and argue this armed "robber" didn't put himself into harm's way and deserved to be treated differently as he pointed a gun at you in the act of committing an armed robbery?

Was it just a game? Is this what they would argue? We were just foolin'...

If we had these stories coming out more and more EVERY day (like we should) you would see the violent gun crime rate go down ANOTHER 49% in just a few years.

People would get the message that there are no more "sitting ducks" out there waiting to be robbed.

They would not only understand this to be true in the waffle houses of America but, also, in the homes of America.

People who would be attracted to getting a gun and robbing someone might actually determine that working for a living (like everyone else) would be a better way to reach old age.

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