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Ron Paul was talking about

the overall black incarceration rate (which very well may have a racist foundation) for everything including drug possession, not just the violent crime rate. The reason for black men participating in the drug trade as we know it today, which goes hand in hand with urban gang black-on-black violence, doesn't negate the fact that their rate of violence is higher. Simply saying that the percentage of black violence is higher than some other group's isn't racist. Racism is when someone says that the blacks' current rate of violence is because their African genes are faulty. Racism is what has been going on in the government for decades that caused the crisis in the black culture starting in the 1960's.

A higher percentage of black babies are aborted than white babies. It's not racist to merely state that fact. Racism is what was behind the white woman Margaret Sanger's plan to target black neighborhoods with abortion clinics.

Black pastor in Harlem, New York City, James David Manning, says that the reason the black culture is in such a bad way is because the black man has lost his honor. He has no problem saying that black violence is higher than white violence, or that black women are killing more of their babies than white women. He also says that the American black person in general is far more racist than whites are. He says that black people, generally speaking, live and breathe anti-white racism.

Manning is actually doing something to help the poor blacks in Harlem by teaching them how to start businesses, by a jobs hiring program to help people back to work, by running a private school that is graduating black students some of whom are working on advanced degrees at St John's, by a free breakfast ministry for local children, by teaching his students and parishioners how to have honor, how to behave in a civilized manner, and how to move about in higher society. He is doing all this with donated funds, not government money.