Comment: John Hammell, President of IAHF Helping Iowa

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John Hammell, President of IAHF Helping Iowa

John Hammell just wrote to the International Advocates for Health Freedom list (thousands worldwide) saying:

"There are 1,500,000. registered voters in Iowa, and we need to get as many of them as possible to vote for Ron Paul in the Iowa Straw Poll to be held on August 11th. To fully understand my feelings about the extreme importance of pitching in at the grass roots level to help Ron Paul, please see the email below that I just sent to his campaign staff in which I volunteered my services, and if you'd like to help with this also, please let them know and let me know. You can email his campaign about this at if you'd like to help. "

(part of email to RP Headquarters)

I saw your article about the CALL IOWA PROGRAM AT I have an email distribution list of thousands of dietary supplement consumers world wide most of whom strongly support Ron Paul because he's one of the very few people who has ever tried to help me oppose the FDA and Codex on Capital Hill. Some of these people live in Iowa.

I won't know til I ask the people on my list how many want to help make these calls, so I'll have to ask them then get back to you on how many calls per week our group will be able to make, but if I can get some of the Iowans on my list involved it could be a lot of calls.

Please start me off by emailing me a list of 100 people to call. I'll pledge that many calls right now. By all means send me a phone script, but I could probably wing one and do a pretty good job. I am in a documentary film with Ron Paul called "We Become Silent" which you can view on the web at Its about the Codex vitamin issue and provides a damn good reason to get us out of the UN, but I'm just as concerned about the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico via which FDA is illegally harmonizing our food and drug regs with Canada's and Mexico's as an incremental step in the direction of harmonizing all of North America with genocidal UN Codex restrictions on our access to dietary supplements. I have this petition calling for Congressional oversight which has been signed by 22,607 people

John Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom