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Revelation 2:9

What really disgusts and revolts me is:

here we are, in the 21st century, 2013, damn it, and a P.O.S. like this "Aaron" poses himself - because of course I know all Jewish people cannot be like the LIAR filth HE is, all cannot have chosen him - as speaking in the name of all of them.

On this end, I really don't care for a second whether one chooses (or not) their faith and religion - I know what mine consists in, thanks...

... and force and FORCEFUL DECEPTION about a monopoly of martyrdom isn't part of it. As for one's self-conversion, it's one's own, intimate work on oneself.

Now, here is THE TRUE FACE of this man and others:

- Revelation 2:9 -

that's the face of THE LIAR, the arrogant Rebel, who DESTROYS GOD'S MAN'S LIVES.

Will they ever decide to repent? Don't they know what God is capable to bring them?

It's tough to forgive and love them.

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