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Pay your taxes Anarchist

"Voluntaryists (lol) don't believe in the non-aggression principle?"

Anarchists LOVE aggression and violence. The NAP is just more BS they spew out while they aren't throwing rocks through windows and trying to use people as their shields.

"A principle they coined?"

The NAP is what an Anarchist uses to replace "the golden rule" and btw, it wasn't an Anarchist or Ron Paul who brought up the golden rule to begin with, and the person who did told you to pay your taxes Anarchist.

"However you don't actually believe in that though because if you did believe it you would have joined up with the nearest citizen militia to quell unconstitutional government."

Tell me about what militia you're a part of. I really want to know who's organizing Anarchists like you to use violence to overthrow the government. Seriously, name names Anarchist.

"That is why you are a traitor to the document because you are unwilling to take any personal risk to defend it."

Personal risk? There's nowhere I won't go to publicly beat down Statist looters in a debate. The White House hates me. Weren't you just squealing about posses coming to kill you Anarchist? Now you begrudge me for not joining a militia and forming posses to destroy the Federal Government?

I'm the hypocrite aye? No. You're an Anarchist, a liar, and a fraud who's too big a coward to hit the green without me. You need people to hide behind. Like I said; grab your gun Tin Soldier. I'll win with my words, with the truth, through debate, and if the time comes to take up arms, I will, but I promise you, an Anarchist will have NOTHING TO DO with deciding when that time has come.

"Since you are too much of a coward and unwilling to defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic you know what that means?"

I have no problem defending my country against domestic enemies like you Anarchist.

"You are working for the voluntaryists spreading their message of peaceful revolution based on the non-aggression principle."

In your dreams Anarchist. What I'm doing is exposing you as a coward and fraud who needs people to hide behind while you try and destroy what you hate, government, and I promise you, justice will be served all of you Anarchist destroyers. There's nothing peaceful about what you want Anarchist.

Weren't you just bitching and moaning saying I should be in a militia? Militias aren't about peaceful revolutions, and you shouldn't want me in one anyway. I'd use it to round up all you Anarchists.

"You might be paying lip service to the parchment but your actions and failure to defend it from all enemies foreign and domestic means your actions advocate the non-aggression principle."

Like I said, pick up your gun Tin Soldier and you'll see Americans defending their country against domestic enemies.