Comment: To the anti-evolution people on this site

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To the anti-evolution people on this site

You are ignorant, uneducated and a discredit to the advancement of humanity. The arguments "no animal evolving into another" is flat out stupid and wrong. We have seen it, in lizards transported to different islands, in fish separated and evolved separately. The fact that you are too lazy to look it up and so brainwashed to be immediately opposed to it is sickening. Every time you post your childlike criticism of evolution based on what you perceive it to be (monkey into man overnight or species never changing) you make this entire movement anti-intellectual and severely retarded. Jefferson and Paine, deists, would read this garbage in this day and age and think of you as uneducated rabble wanting religion to replace government. The same mistake socialists make, but in reverse.

No train to Stockholm.