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How irritating.

You seem to overlook the indisputable fact that you are controlled.

People around you exert influence over you. Politicians tell you what to do, and cops enforce their wills. TSA agents get to feel your freaking private parts!

Worst of all though; the media teaches HOW TO THINK.

...You don't even KNOW how little you control your own actions.

Unlike a simple claim over you, you REALLY ARE controlled far more than you can detect. Far more than I can detect too, for that matter.

So don't give me that sorry "they don't own you because they influence you" bullshit line... TONS of different influences have cumulatively been piled up on each other to box you in the way you are boxed in right now. For example, your productivity is constantly being farmed by your government to a very high percentage... Well over 50% of the average 'Murican's pay goes back to uncle sam in one tax or another. Some put this number above 70%!

(A slave is defined by 100% of their productivity going to another, BTW.)

So you are in fact between 50% and 70% a slave, JUST TO UNCLE SAM.

I doubt you could possibly recognize yourself without being owned. That goes for me too.