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Okay. Fine.

Okay. Fine.

The first Amendment is pretty terse. It takes, what... 1 second to read? 1.5 second to understand? I took it that it applies to all the people. Funny, I don't see anywhere that it had to make specific provisions for this or that group. Maybe I missed something, though!


From very honorable Lindsey Graham to Joe Lieberman, they indeed seem to be plenty of good "gentlemen", conveniently in charge - we're so lucky! - to take great care of making sure the bad guys can't hurt the great*** foreign people and country they love so much.

***Oh, yeah... Never mind that some - FROM THE SAME PEOPLE - beg to differ with them, though:

Nah. Never mind about those.

But well. AFAIC, IF THEY don't mind, I'll keep standing for the rights of everybody, including, but not limited to, those about whom they don't seem to care THAT MUCH, if at all, e.g.:

the Muslims, the Hindus, the Christians, the Swimmers-In-Great-Lakes-For-Their-Awakening, the atheists, etc.

IF, AND ONLY IF, THEY don't mind, right?

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