Comment: Yeah, riiiiiight.

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Yeah, riiiiiight.

Quoting the same Keyak:

"Thousands of Republican activists are gathering in Washington, DC for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) to chart out the future for the conservative movement in America. Judging by the speaker lineup, it's clear that the future direction of the American conservative movement does not have much room for the Jewish community's political values.

Thursday afternoon, CPAC attendees will hear from rumored 2016 presidential candidate Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), who is the only Senator that actively pushes for cuts to Israel's aid and refuses to rule out containing a nuclear-armed Iran. Paul is also a serial user of what he describes as "overplayed" Holocaust references. Despite all of this, CPAC has opted to highlight Paul in their conference advertising and has given him one of its top speaking roles." [1]

Yeah, riiiiiight.

I don't know how many good people (of obvious simple common sense) of the Jewish community are reading the Daily Paul, hoping to live in liberty and peace here, in America - because not finding Israel particularly attractive, esp. with that sociopath Netanyahu around - but I'm sure they'll "appreciate" how Mr. Keyak can speak oh so easily for them all.

Dirty little whining hypocrite he is. And arrogant liar. Minion of Israel's statists.

Just MY opinion on that particular INDIVIDUAL.

I would bet a $100 this guy is also a full blown socialist, should we have to ask about his views on economics.


... that's still current, RIGHT? Deal with it.


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