Comment: Bureacrats are Desperately Trying to Justify Existence

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Bureacrats are Desperately Trying to Justify Existence

This sort of misuse of authority is bound to increase as the government-class tries to justify its existence to its victims.

Remember, the flashing lights, his angry tone, and his aggressive posture are all intended to frighten (terrorize) you, and to make you think you've done something life-threatening. This is intended to convince you that "the law" just saved your life, and the fine is a "service" which protects you from yourself. In fact, why aren't you thanking that cop for the privilege of living under his watchful care?

When it happens, just take the time to explain to the officer that his actions have undermined your trust in law-enforcement. Explain that greedy politicians enact some laws solely to extract money from innocent citizens. Go on to explain that despite previous support, you are now in favor of severely cutting funding to the local police organization.