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pot heads got up off the couch long ago

and they went to jail, prison, were harrassed, and forced to quit of go underground. I went to my first NORML (National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws) meeting decades ago, and throughout the decades, there was always this feel to the room of paranoia.. there was always a challenge going of who is going to stand up.. and then Jack Herer, busted through with his little H.E.M.P (Help End Marijuana Prohibition) stand on Venice Beach late 80's, and his book , "Emporer Wears No Clothes", there was a breakthrough that was establishen with CA Prop 215.. but most of the organizers of that petition were Libertarian (and another reason many Libertarians remain underground and not actually politicaly active.. though they will show up to a HEMP Festival.

I think most the actions you have witnessed in now 17 states that have legalized or decriminalized cannabis is one way or another (I remember when hemp food was outlawed, now I think it's in all 50 states).

And now we have Rand who will be a great leader for the stealth Libertarians who appear to not want to stay on the couch.. or hey.. Adam Kokesh.. there's a pot head even produces shows from the couch.. see how creative they are?