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Comment: lol@ this guy. The reason

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lol@ this guy. The reason

lol@ this guy.

The reason your repeated threat is not credible at all in any way shape or form is because I am not a tyranny enabler and you are. Let's point out who the coward is who has enabled the tyranny that exists. It is coward traitor hypocrites like you. The reason your threat is not credible at all is because anyone living in fear is governed by their fear. You keep threatening to use violence but all you can do is bitch because you are governed by fear and too afraid to stand up to your own government. As such your threats are 100% full of shit. I will tell you what happens when people such as yourself governed by fear use violence to trespass against someone with balls. They end up dead out of self defense.

Justice will not be served upon the peaceful advocates of the NAP which as you pointed out is a phrase coined which derives from the golden rule. The same person who said render unto Ceasar also said live as free men but do not use your freedom for evil. You have clearly demonstrated you have no problem using your freedom to perform evil against your fellow man and that is a path which will lead to your ultimate destruction. You can not even define what is Ceasar's. Jesus did not say serve Ceasar. He did not say work for Ceasar. He did not say give to Ceasar. He did not say everything is Ceasar's. He simply stated render unto Ceasar THE THINGS THAT ARE Ceasar's when he was holding a coin with Ceasar's inscription.

Oh yes, justice will most assuredly be served on all of the coward traitor hypocrites who have enabled the present tyranny and I welcome it.

You expose nothing but yourself. The only thing you have exposed is that you pay lip service to a piece of parchment my family forbears fought to establish in the American Revolution. The only thing you have exposed is that you don't actually believe in the principles enshrined on those parchments to act upon them because if you did, you would not be a coward traitor hypocrite tyranny enabler making threats you can't back up against people who do not advocate violence.

Like I said. Welcome aboard. The cause of non-aggression and less violence can always use more coward hypocrite traitors who are too afraid of Ceasar to do anything but bitch about his tyrannies. Keep on bitching on!