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the easy answer is:

he wants to get votes in the Republican Primary. pro-life and strict fiscal conservativism is what will make him strong in the Republican Primary, you're talking about the things that will make him strong in the General Election but which will in some ways be liabilities in the Republican Primary (civil rights, anti-corporatism). He's pushing those things too but he's being careful and strategic about it, which is why his drone filibuster was purposefully distilled to US citizens on US soil; even though he critiqued the whole drone program during the filibuster, he wanted the more hawksih Republican voters to just think about him fighting Obama using drones on US soil.

trust me, you cannot win a republican primary without coming across with strong pro-life bona fides.

basically, in terms of the political perception he's trying to create, he's trying to create a strong partisan conservative perception for the sake of the primary while also doing as much under the radar that he'll be able to dredge up in a general election. ie, the Republican primary he will emphasize the aspect of his drone filibuster that, as the mainstream media has tried to say, appealed to the so-called "black helicopter crowd", while keeping the ace in his sleeve for the general election where he can say "I took a strong pro-peace stand"