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Comment: I'd agree with your

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I'd agree with your

I'd agree with your statement, "Trade dollars for REAL things now"

But what is to stop the government from seizing farmland or forcing you to hand over the production of that farmland?

I think it would be more prudent to stock supplies for survival for up to a year or so, having some land to produce your own food would go a long way in helping in that survival. But I would just caution against buying too much land or investing heavily in it when it is even more likely to be seized by a renegade government. This is the type of thing that happens all over the world.

I'd think once you have supplies for surviving up to a year and some land to cultivate it would be more wise to convert your savings into precious metals and hide them well.

If everything blows over you'll still have that savings. If the government seizes your guns and your farm land and puts you in a labor camp, as long as that gold and silver is well hidden, if you survive and the world / US comes out of the dark ages, you or your children will still have that savings while everything else might be gone.