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Comment: Reminds me of Ron Paul

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Reminds me of Ron Paul

Ron Paul doesn't talk poorly about his opponates. He always highlights what he agrees with them on.

BC splashed on the stage.. an intelligent credentialed attractive appealing manner.. humor, common sense.. like a prescription to a sick public.. here comes another doctor to the rescue.... so brave to say all this to Obama who snubbed the good doctor.. the arrogance.. sigh..... what a drama we all watched BC's rising star: Is it a wacko-bird, is it a drone, is it SUPER anything?

Of course many had their doubts.. smelled something through the ether of the computer screen at least 13 minutes into the lunch with Obama. And then the second amendment shoe dropped, and now this.. and so for the Liberty Movement, it's over with BC.. but that does not mean he should be drowned out.. rather, what he says that one agrees with.. like Ron Paul.. promote what issues you like BC is saying.. he's a messanger and enforce that which is good, and admit what you don't like with a shrug.. breiff.. give a little snear.. but be generally perky because you want to get back to keeping the conversation not on the personality, but what issues you agree.

Don't shoot the messanger.. take what you need to promote Liberty.