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Comment: Hey smudge

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Hey smudge

take your fear and go hide under your bed man.

I'm so tired of hearing people "warning" others about "getting involved" in this or that because they might go to JAIL. The system is CORRUPT - > ALL OVER - > While the SHEEP keep watching all the politicans PANDER TO BANKSTER and steal their money.

Those people usually are COMPLETELY IGNORANT of the topic they are warning people about. All they know is someone tried to fight that particular system and went to prison for it. That's why you shouldn't do it. So tell me smudge... the only thing we need to be asking these people is: Will you JAIL me for this?

If they say YES - > Then we can't do it.

THEN they IGNORE the SHERIFF getting millions of dollars to beef up their SWAT teams so they can raid homes one after the other. I'm sick of this STENCH of fear from people who claim to be part of the "revolution" give me a break man.

If you ever get a call from the IRS -> Ask them if they are bound by Title 26 -> They will say YES -> Then tell them to go look up 26 USC 7806 and give you a call back if they still think they need to.

JAIL JAIL JAIL -> That's why you can't assert your RIGHTS -> Because you'll go to JAIL and get RAPPED by BIG BUBBA so you just KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN SLAVE -> DO NOT ASSERT YOUR RIGHTS or you will get a WHIPPIN BOY!

All the while people do not realize that they are ALREADY IN JAIL -> there are just a few more amenities, accommodations and you pay the rent on your own cell.