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I guess I don't mind going further, there's the stock answer for


In my "order" there's an underlying mission to understand one's self through the course of like and to discover one's connection to all things and to the Sacred Being.

There's also more specific missions as this order is classified down into phratries or around specific teachings and leaders. For many years I served a mission to bring all different people of all different religions together in one circle to dance as one with the elders of many nations being honoured in the center. But that mission was achieved. Some missions and orders are standing and we wait for the time or for the next time to serve. Like war. Not every day is a good day to have a war and yet we have warriors at the ready. In fact we spend a good deal of time trying to make peace which has the direct effect of making warriors useless. However temporarily. And this we call a good thing.

The mission of the doctor is to heal the sick and injured and wouldn't it be nice if they were all out of jobs? I wonder what they call "medical doctor" in heaven. Perhaps they will permanently take on the names they so cherished in life like "gone fishin" or "out to lunch".

So you see in my tradition there are answers but naturally they lead to more questions and it's not always our job to have all the answers and sometimes our answers aren't everybody else's and we kinda own them and cherish them and protect them when necessary. Because those are between us and the Holy One and thus they are truly OURS AS INDIVIDUALS.

So the river is time and it's bound flow of materiality and substance we know as life which is basically the chance to EXPERIENCE this. Which is being simultaneously a molecule and then a drop and then a trickle and then a stream and then a river and then an ocean. And then I suppose a cloud. Which has always sounded pretty cool to me.


Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.