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For the people that have down voted me here, lets keep this isolated.

Please prove to me that EVERY photo that has been provided in this thread, along with eyewitness account of the wreckage, is a fabrication, misunderstanding, or lie.

We're not talking about the damage yet, lets JUST talk about plane wreckage. I don't want to hear about the "well it would have..." or any of that garbage, because your arguments are usually off track garbage with little to no understanding of physics.

Just tell me why the obvious plane parts and wreckage are not from a plane, including seats, landing gear, tail fin, etc. I'll stick with this: page as it seems to have the best info. mrbengal posts a number of great links here. All you need to do is give us a nice summary of why you think the wreckage there qualifies as "not being wreckage" because I'm seeing that point over and over again, and the evidence obviously shows otherwise.

Eric Hoffer