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Comment: Get real?

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Get real?

Okay how about people like you that think the constitution has these awesome powers.. this PIECE OF PAPER is going to jump up (it's also bullet proof btw) and get between you and anyone who's attempting to violate your rights?

You know how many times I've heard "the constitution doesn't even work" from the SHEEP herd? The consitution is a PIECE OF PAPER... it can't get up.. it can't sit down it won't even MOVE unless you physically do something to move it.

It can't "work" it can't "play" it can't sing or dance... it is JUST A PIECE OF PAPER. When was the last time any piece of paper did any of these things smudge? It's YOUR JOB > as one of "we the people" to ENFORCE the constitution. You are the "parent" and the government is "your children" and the rules are written down for them but you think CHILDREN will abide by rules WITHOUT ANY ENFORCEMENT.

BARflies have a VESTED INTEREST IN NOT ENFORCING IT. It's up to US it's up to WE THE PEOPLE MAN....! As for your "critical mass" how much support did Ron Paul have and how many people actually voted for either RP or GJ?

I would say that number is close to 2%.

My children can't wait for your critical mass to happen.