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Comment: You penetrated with one shot Vince.

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You penetrated with one shot Vince.

You really have to work on your delivery but you got one shot through:

Fear. Let's talk about it. Am I selling it? You seem to posit that I am and you also suggest that to not take direct action along these lines is capitulating to same. Fair enough summary?

Well as you suggest, people are already afraid, WHY DO WE THINK THEY PAY TAXES? They got a gun to their heads, that's half our point.

I'm in the business of explaining what they are afraid of. I been to jail for our beliefs young bro. I'd rate my chances high I'll end up there again. Am I afraid? Well yeah, if you been there you would be too. Am I afraid enough to capitulate? Let's just say not yet. Not so far.

Consider the example of us preppers. Or metal heads. Are we selling fear or the reassurance of preparedness and self reliance? Are we selling confidence or doubt? Are we selling weakness or strength?

Selling weapons is part of accepted preparedness culture. What I am telling you POINT BLANK is that there are people out there selling DEFECTIVE WEAPONS.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.