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Comment: When they rob us all blind

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When they rob us all blind

and take all of our savings, etc., how will we pay bills, mortgages and the like? Paycheck to paycheck, I guess - IF we still have jobs.

OK - so we can not pay our mortgage or rent - where do we all go? FEMA camps? Not enough room for all of us. What is the point of destroying a country's infrastructure, etc.? How will THEY get their goods produced, food supplied, electricity manufactured, and whatever else requires Joe Blue-Collar's efforts?

I don't understand the desire to implode a whole nation - what will THEY gain if there are no grunts to keep it running? All of this does not happen in a vacuum. People have emotions and desires and just won't sit back like mindless drones and watch their lives disintegrate.

Has anybody else contemplated this?

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